How to Generate Hundreds of New Leads and Drive More Sales with One Simple Strategy...

Whether you're a podcaster, speaker or marketer running webinars, I know your pain. Why? Because I'm just like you...


You work hard creating amazing content for each episode. You've built up an audience of people that prefer audio content. Heck,  you might not even have a blog—or at the very least it's just a website full of show notes. Don't get me started on show notes...actually let me get started...

Podcasters, do you know that 65% of podcasts are listened to on a smartphone?

Yup, that's right.

Most of your engaged audience is listening to you from their phone.

So when you're recording your podcast and saying things like...

"And for links to everything we mentioned in todays episode be sure to visit the show notes at blah blah blah dot come slash episode blah"

Let me guess, you don't get a lot of website traffic from your podcast...

Well, if you don't get a lot of website traffic from your podcast you're probably having a tough time building your email list, which is where you'll make most of your money in your business if you didn't know.

How do I know? I've been podcasting for almost 3 years and I worked hard for my audience. I have published over 130 episodes, and you know what? It's been great.

You know what hasn't been great?

Building my email list through my podcast.

Here's the deal...

Nobody really cares about your show notes and when they are out in their car, running, working out or doing whatever while listening to your podcast, it's very unlikely you're going to get them to visit your site.

"Oh man, I have to visit those show notes later" said nobody ever.

As a podcaster you need to make things as easy as possible for your audience.

With SMS text message marketing you can build your email list right from your podcast.

It works great because you're giving your listener the easiest way to engage with you considering they're on their smartphone.

Don't' believe it?

Ask Tim Paige of LeadPages who added over 700 new email subscribers in just five podcast episodes.

And you know what...17% of those went on to becoming high paying customers.

Go figure, the customers that give you permission to engage with them on their phone (the most personal device we own) end up becoming some of the most valuable and loyal customers you have...

Podcasters—stop driving your listeners to your show notes and bring your value to them with this one simple strategy.

In Convert From Anywhere you'll step-by-step how to get started so you turn your podcast into a lead generating machine.

Webinar Marketers...

I'm guessing you run webinars because it allows you to build your email list and put butts in seats so that you can teach as many people as possible and then offer them your products or services at the end.

In fact, webinars might be one of the main ways you make your sales and or plan on making sales in the near future.

Well, let me break something to you...

All of those people that you were able to get registered for your webinar aren't going to show up.

Maybe 20-40% of them will actually attend your webinar live.

I know it sucks right?

You put a lot of effort into making a value packed webinar for your audience and more than half won't even show up.

Well, when getting people on your webinar results in you selling to more people, you want as many butts in those seats possible right?

Ask John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on fire...

He holds weekly webinars that generate over $100,000 of revenue each month. That's over 80% of all of his revenue.

When he added this simple solution to his strategy he was able to put up to 35% more butts in those seats each week which resulted in an additional 5 figures per month from his webinars.

Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

The more people you can get to your webinar the more money you'll be able to make.

Convert From Anywhere shows you the ONE strategy that will help you add up to 35% more butts in those seats. 


You're out there going from conference to conference, stage to stage.

You're in front of hundreds if not thousands of people that are interested in what you have to say.

You give your presentation like a boss, everyone is pumped and ready to take action and you put up your last slide that says something like...

"Download the slides from today's presentation and get my free checklist at blah blah blah dot come slash conference name"

Let me guess...

You convert below 5% of that room.


Because it's super inconvenient for your audience to have to take out their phone and go to a website (that is most often not even mobile friendly...don't get me started on that) and enter their info.

Don't stop at delivering one of the best presentations they'll ever see...

Take that one last step and make them join your movement right from their seat with ease.

Tell them to take out their phone and text in to join and get your slides and giveaways....

This one strategy has helped me convert up to 44% of every room I've spoken in. 

In Convert From Anywhere you'll learn how to turn every stage you step on into a lead generation monster. 

Why Does Text Messaging Work So Well?

  • Over 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes
  • Over 98% of text messages are opened (take that email)
  • 109.5 text messages are sent on average per day

For all the talk about email marketing and social media, don’t forget about text messaging. Many customers are more active on text than they are on email or social media.

Here are 3 Entrepreneurs That Are Cashing In With Text Messaging

Why Text Messaging MUST Be A Part Of Your Marketing Plan.

We've reached a point where more people access the internet from their mobile phone compared to any other PC or wire lined device. Over 70% of Facebook and Twitter usage is happening on a mobile phone, 65% of podcasts are listened to on a smartphone and 65% of emails are opened on a mobile device.

Your audience - Your customers... are within 3 feet of their phone 24/7. With mobile consumption reaching an all time high you need to have a way to connect and convert your audience into customers no matter where they are.

Text message marketing will allow you to get your important messages in front of your customers faster than any other marketing tool you can use.


Grow Your Audience, Increase Conversions
& Boost Sales No Matter Where Your Customer Is...

Look around. Your customers are connected to their mobile device 24/7. Adding SMS text messaging to your marketing mix you'll set yourself up with a new and effective way to grow your business.

Grow Your List Quickly From Anywhere...

Your audience can join your list no matter where they are. All they have to do is text a specific keyword to opt-in. They can reply with their name and other custom data so you'll learn more about your prospects.

Increase Webinar Attendance and Drive More Revenue...

When you sell your products and services from webinars you want as many people there as possible. Using this step-by-step system you'll be able to increase your webinar show up rates by up to 35%.

Drive Sales Instantly...

SMS text messages have a 98% open rate and are read within 3 minutes 90% of the time. When you send important offers you can make sales instantly.

Get 10x The Engagement...

Not only are SMS text messages immediate and reliable but mobile offers are proven to convert ten times better than traditional offers like email.

Join Me Today!

And that's why you should invest in Convert From Anywhere today.  It's the only proven system designed specifically for you to drive more leads, more sales and more money for your business.  You'll discover exactly how to set up a text-message marketing system that generates cash for you on autopilot.  

If you're a speaker who wants to generate leads, clients and sales from stage...Convert From Anywhere will help you do it.

If you're a podcaster who wants to build leads, get more clients and make more money...Convert From Anywhere will help you do it.

If you sell ANYTHING via Webinar...Convert From Anywhere will help you put more butts in the seats and more money in your pocket.  

So join me today by selecting the option below that is right for you.

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We’re confident that you’re going to love what we have to offer you in Convert From Anywhere. That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee - no questions asked. For more info on our refund policy, click here.

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  • Module 1: The Basics
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  • Guide: How To Build Your Email List From Stage
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  • SMS Messaging Scripts That Drive Action
  • CTIA Compliance Guide
  • TCPA Compliance Guide
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials on My Exact Setup
  • SMS Platform Recommendations

Plus These Amazing Bonuses

  • Interview with Kate Erickson of Entrepreneur On Fire
  • Interview with Tim Paige of LeadPages
  • Interview with Mike Hazzard of Arent Fox
  • The SMS Marketing Handbook
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Have A Question...? We got Answers.

  • Q.Is this program just for SMS text messaging in the USA?

    A.Great question! The course includes strategies that are 100% tool agnostic. I can execute many of these strategies with many different SMS providers. Being in the USA I focus on tools I’m able to use to accomplish these tactics. I do however provide options for SMS platforms in various countries based on recommendations from trusted resources.

  • Q.Does this program include any software?

    A.At this time this program does not include any software. You’ll have to invest in a software such as CallLoop, Tatango or even Social Fuse to execute campaigns for your business. These software tools start at $25 per month up to a few hundred a month based on your messaging volume.

  • Q.Can I get in trouble legally by sending text messages to my audience?

    A.The honest answer is this depends. If you follow the strategies and best practices recommended in this training the odds are extremely low. With that said, I’m not a lawyer and you should use the scripts, guidelines and training within Convert From Anywhere as a template. SMS is a permission baed opt-in channel so it’s important you are clear and transparent with your customers and manage their expectations.

  • Q.If I'm building a mobile database how many messages be sending a month?

    A.Again this depends on what you communicate to your customers. I’d recommend you send 4-6 messages per month not including any sort of appointment reminders. 4-6 marketing/promotional messages.

  • Q.Will you just set this up for me?

    A.If you invest in the VIP plan you’ll get the training and time with me and my team to set you up for the campaigns that build your email list or send webinar reminders. The VIP spots are limited. If you see that it’s sold out just email us at support at mobilemixed dot com.

  • Q.How does someone get on my email list from texting?

    A.SMS is based on keywords and short codes. For example: “Text JOIN to 12345”. Join is the keyword and 12345 is the short code.When you setup your campaign with your SMS provider (and assuming they have this feature) so that when people text your keyword to the short code they’d be asked to respond with their email address. Some platforms may integrate with your email software otherwise you’d have to do some importing and exporting.

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All orders 100% SAFE using our SECURE server

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All orders 100% SAFE using our SECURE server